Dr Brian Ray To Speak In St. Louis At The Family Vision Library

Homeschooling United is honored to bring you an evening with Dr. Brian Ray, President of National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI). He will be in St. Louis and speaking at the Family Vision Library on February 21, at 7 PM. Please plan to join us to hear Dr Ray speak on A Strong Vision: Homeschooling Works, and Increases Freedom.

Dr. Ray, the nation’s leading most authority on homeschool research, has been immersed in the field of homeschool research and data for more that 26 years. He is the founding editor of Homeschool Researcher, a quarterly refereed journal dispersing research in home education, and has published numerous articles on home education in many professional journals. He has been interviewed by various radio and television media including the NBC Today Show and The Dr. Gina Show on Truth Talk 630. He and his wife are homeschooling parents of 8 children.

Come and hear Dr. Ray challenge you to consider:

  • Are parent’s qualified to teach children?
  • Are these children receiving an adequate academic education?
  • What about socialization? (What is it, btw?)
  • Should minorities homeschool their children?
  • How will these children behave when they get into the “real world of adulthood?”
  • Do the home educated learn as much as those in conventional school?
  • What do certain world views or God have to say about who should be educating–teaching, training, discipling, indoctrinating–children?
  • Why are some parents tempted to want or allow the state to serve as a co-dependent to themselves?
  • Why is the lure of government handouts so strong?
  • Are proponents of statism cooperating with or co-opting homeschoolers’ standards and plans for their children and their country?
  • What should be your short term and long term visions?

Admission is free to the event, but an offering of $6 per individual and $10 per family is encouraged to support NHERI and Family Vision.


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