Homeschooling And The Sharing Of Information

Think about what life would be like without freedom of speech. Think about how you would or would not be able to make decisions, as homeschoolers, parents, citizens without the free flow of information. As homeschoolers we enjoy the freedom to make choices in education that have been conditioned out of what is considered to be the norm in our society. Perhaps we can attribute our decisions to so because we have had the freedom to educate ourselves on the issues and alternatives.

Free and healthy societies survive on the free flow of information.

Missouri and other states are facing serious threats to our abilities to make educational choices for our children through sweeping educational reform legislation. Our parental rights are being chipped away, right under our noses by lobbyists and elected representatives who may think they know more about what is best for the citizenry than we do. The only way for citizens to remain free is to stay informed and inform others.

Please take a minute to watch this video, sent by a loyal HU reader and apply the message to your ability to maintain your homeschooling and parental rights. I believe this is a powerful and poignant message.


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2 Responses to Homeschooling And The Sharing Of Information

  1. Nancy says:

    I love Chuck Colson. He is always right on. Great video, thanks for sharing.

  2. Allen says:

    My son is studying WWII history and he came upon Hitlers propaganda expert Goebels. Here are a few ways that Hitler silenced the masses:

    When someone asks a fair and intelligent question, don’t answer, or better yet, let a peripheral character throw them a red herring.

    When someone asks a stupid question, make sure you are quick to point out their ignorance.

    When someone makes a dissenting comment, find fault with the comment and criticize it, call it stupid or irrelevant, claim the comment is a personal attack or even better state that it is unChristian or unfair attack, question their tone and underlying motive for the assertion.

    Finally, whatever you do never concede a single point, if nothing else but on the basis of principle.

    If by rare chance the comment is supportive.. then by all means seize the moment, celebrate their insight and acuity. Shine the light on them. Give them public credit.

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