Senator Ed Maloney Tables SB136

Today, 97.1 Talk Radio’s, (and homeschooling mother) Dana Loesch spoke with Illinois Senator, Ed Maloney about the controversial legislation SB136 that requires private, home educators to register with the state.

Dana drove home, very well, points that have been raised before; homeschool students, as a larger demographic, are performing exceedingly well as compared to publicly schooled students. So, why the focus on such a small number that may be falling through the cracks when they have large, identifiable numbers, that are falling through the cracks? As a result of the push back from the community, the senator reported that SB136 will take a different shape in order to assure that all students are being addressed, academically, without intruding on the rights of those who are providing adequate education for their children.

Tabled legislation doesn’t mean dead legislation. Illinois citizens should continue to watch the status of this bill. It could be re-written or resurrected at any time during the legislative session.




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