Slow Return On Educational Freedom Support

On March 8th the Educational Freedom Pledge was delivered to nearly 80 representatives in the Missouri House, and so far, as of this posting, Homeschooling United has not heard from any of the elected officials with dissent or support.

We would, however, like to welcome our newest supporter, Representative Anne Zerr. Please contact the representative and thank her for her support.

With the sweeping educational changes moving through the legislature this year, it is more important than ever for homeschoolers to know who will and will not stand for parental choice and educational autonomy. Many of the bills in the Missouri House and Senate support the Race To The Top initiative and/or set the stage for future erosion of homeschooling autonomy and freedom. Sliding in under the radar at the moment is HB476, a bill that would allow homeschoolers to participate pubic school sports teams. This bill, like so many others across the country will slowly lay the foundation to chip away at the current educational statutes that provide freedom from registration and/or mandates that require oversight by government officials.

Please contact the following legislators and urge them to support educational freedom.

Ira Anders, Randy Asbury, Joe Aull, Jason Barnes, Mike BernskoetterLinda Black, Rick Brattin, Cloria Brown, Susan Carlson, Chris Carter, Ron Casey, John Cauthorn, Mike Colona, Pat Conway, Steve Cookson, Sandy Crawford, Gary Cross, Shalonn Curls, Kevin Elmer, Joseph Fallert, Paul Fitzwater, Lyndall Fraker, Keith Frederick, Jeff Grisamore, Casey Guernsey, Marsha Haefner, Dave Hinson, Steve Hodges, Lincoln Hough, Jay Houghton, Jonas Hughes, Jacob Hummel, Delus Johnson, Caleb Jones, Jason Kander, Mike Kelley, Jeanne Kirkton, Andrew Koenig, Bart Korman, Michele Kratky, Sara Lampe, Bill Lant, Brent Lasater, Melissa Leach, Thomas Long, Nick Marshall, Karla May, John McCaherty, Tom McDonald, Kevin McManus, Cole McNary, Tim Meadows, Chris Molendrop, Genise Montecillo, Myron Neth, Stacey Newman, Jeanette Oxford, Donald Phillips, Paul Quinn, Craig Redmon, Bill Reiboldt, Todd Richardson, John Joseph Rizzo, Lyle Rowland, David Sater, Dave Schatz, Ron Schieber, Ed Scheiffer, Jill Schupp, Tom Shively, Clem Smith, Churie Spreng, Mary Still, Jay Swearingen, Mike Talboy, Mike Thomson, Rochelle Walton Gray, Steve Webb, Paul Wieland, Jake Zimmerman


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