Computer Sciences At Home!

If homeschool parents know about techy stuff and can teach kids, at home, about the latest and greatest in computer science, they are so ahead of the rest of us who are struggling with just getting through the history timelines and quadratic equations. My friend, Darin, sent this nifty website, Aviary, for any who are brave enough to venture into the world of electronic techydom. I plinked around a bit and found some pretty cool stuff to play with. 

I am under the impression that there are tutorial videos to start you off and the apps translate to Adobe’s commercial software. Knowledge of such would be considered a head-start for any who pursue the field of computer technology because Adobe is widely used in the professional realm.

I am guessing most of us will turn our kids loose with the site and let them teach us about the ins and outs of the fine points in computer generated media. Enjoy and please let me know how you liked this post. I would love to post some creations here.


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