Which National Candidates Will Support Educational Freedom?

As campaign season starts, we remind you to be engaged and informed about the candidates running for elected office in 2012. The people we put put in office have a lot of power to influence educational freedom and parental rights across the state and nation.

We, at Homeschooling United, have contacted several candidates running for US Congress and Senate, and asked them to sign the Educational Freedom Pledge as well as submit a “guest-post” so that they can tell you, first hand, about their views regarding education. So far, Ed Martin, candidate for the 2nd congressional district, has signed The Pledge. We have also contacted Ann Wagner, a candidate for that district, as well. U.S Senate candidates, Congressman Todd Akin, Sarah Steelman, and Senator Claire McCaskill have also been been offered the opportunity to advocate for parental rights and educational freedom. If anyone else jumps into the fray, we will also give them the same opportunity to communicate with the homeschooling community, here. We hope to hear from all of these candidates soon and look forward to their support for educational choice.

UPDATE: 5/18/2011 – Congressman Russ Carnahan was left off the list of contacts. He also received and invitation to support educational freedom. Sorry for the oversight.


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