Belleville Illinois To Determine When Your Children Can Be Out In Public

This evening, Belleville, Illinois City aldermen will determine when your children can be out in public. They will vote on an ordinance, tonight, that prohibits minors under age 17 from being present in any public place during the hours of 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. This ordinance makes it a criminal offense for minors and parents and regulates the activity of children on weekdays and at any establishment or public place during other evening hours except under certain specified conditions. What specified conditions?

HSLDA has detailed the specifics of the ordinance and requested action for Belleville residents, only.

My, my my! What lengths government will go to in order to have control of your children. Are they working in an under the table manner to aid in pulling homeschooled children into government controlled, public schools?

City leaders have outlined this as an attempt to get control of “unruly teens” and “irresponsible parents”. Perhaps it’s just another revenue booster since there will be hefty fines associated with the criminal offense, $250 for first time violators and $500 for each subsequent event. In any case, we are living in a different world if they get by with this one.


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  1. At least some bloggers can write. Thanks for this read

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