Ed Martin, Candiate For U.S. Congress, Promotes Educational Freedom!

Several months ago, Ed Martin signed on to Homeschooling United’s pledge for Educational Freedom. Mr. Martin is running for Missouri’s second congressional district’s seat. His enthusiastic support of homeschooling and less regulation in education is very much appreciated by those of us who value our parental rights and smaller government as it relates to choosing the right educational situations for our children. You can see Mr. Martin’s signed pledge here.

Check out his website and learn more about his plans for bringing more sovereignty to the people of Missouri.

Homeschooling United has contacted Ann Wagner’s campaign, but has not received confirmation of support for the Educational Freedom Pledge as of this posting. We will keep you posted as we look forward to hearing from her campaign soon, relating to the Ambassador’s stance on homeschooling, parental rights and less regulation in education.


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2 Responses to Ed Martin, Candiate For U.S. Congress, Promotes Educational Freedom!

  1. Holly says:

    Who is an Anne Wagner?
    Never heard of her. What has she done? Has she ever held an office? Do you have Bio’s on these canidates for us busy moms?

    • CultureVigilante says:

      Thanks for your comment, Holly. I will post about Ann Wagner if/when she contacts us about her stance on the Educational Freedom Pledge. She is Ed Martin’s rival in the Congressional primary.

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