The Best Graduation Speech I Have Ever Heard

Last week, PatriotSoul sent this video as a comment to a previous HU post. What a great job the parents of this young girl did, teaching critical thinking and expressive speech! Enjoy, and comment if you feel the need.


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5 Responses to The Best Graduation Speech I Have Ever Heard

  1. Duke says:

    Your incorrect use of the possessive apostrophe in the word parents tells me that perhaps homeschooling did not work out so well for you. This should have just been a plural, without the apostrophe. The comma after PatriotSoul was unnecessary too.

    • CultureVigilante says:

      Thank you, Duke, for editing my post. Shame on me for not proofing before publishing. I can tell you are not a homeschooler, because as home schoolers, not only do we work for academic excellence in punctuation and grammar, among other things, but we also work to teach personal civility, social grace and politeness. While I appreciate your editing comments, your disdain for homeschooling is clear in the insulting tone of your comment.

      You will notice that the suggestions you made were addressed. You missed one, though. In the headline the word ‘have’ was not capitalized. I have also corrected that issue as well. Guess we both need to be more diligent in our proofing skills. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention.

  2. CultureVigilante says:

    And thanks for the twitter follow, too!

  3. patriotsoul says:

    Grate avatar CV!

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