Dr Brian Ray Conducts A Study Of African American Homeschoolers And Seeks Your Input

Fellow Homeschoolers,

PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING OUT …..Pass on to any other homeschool families you know!!!

A fellow homeschool mom assisting Dr. Brian Ray as he looks at the successes of homeschooled AfAm children asks for your help.

Dr. Brian Ray (Education Researcher and Fellow Homeschooler)

…..is conducting a historical study of homeschooling amongst African Americans. He is looking for families from all over the nation to participate in a study looking at the academic scholarship of homeschool students. In particular he is interested in looking at how African American students do on standardized testing areas (i.e. language, math, reading, etc.).

He is most interested in African American homeschooled children between the ages of 9 – 14.

Dr. Ray will work with the family to have an administrator conduct the test and all costs for the tests are 100% FREE!!

***Many homeschool families want their kids tested but either don’t know how to access this opportunity outside of their local public school district and/or can’t afford an independent tester or the cost of the test, especially if they homeschool multiple children. This study is an opportunity to not only help out Dr. Ray, who is interested in learning more about the homeschooling community, but is also a wonderful opportunity to have your kids tested for no cost to you! Note: all testing results will be shared directly with you.

So some of you I know still have anxiety about testing – but testing is a great way to see your child’s areas of strength and areas of growth. It helps you pinpoint just where more support and instruction might be needed. It is also great practice for families who are considering college or professional studies for their children. To enter into college and many professional careers young adults are expected to take any number of standardized tests or assessments. The more practice and comfort they have with this process the better.

If you are interested and/or want more information please contact Dr. Ray directly. His information is below.

Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.


National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI)

Editor in Chief

Home School Researcher (academic refereed journal)

PO Box 13939

Salem OR 97309 USA

phone (503) 364 1490

http://www.nheri.org & mail@nheri.org

Brian Ray for research & personal bray@nheri.org



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