Common Core State Standards and The Free Market

Last night, I  had the pleasure to address a room full of patriots who have just recently been awakened to the serious threat that Common Core State Standards poses to educational freedom, parental rights, privacy, and the 10th amendment. Common Core is designed to gradually guide our future generations away from the free enterprise system in to a managed economy and global workforce.

Go to Missouri Education Watchdog and Missouri Coalition Against Common Core to learn more about what you can do to fight the over reach of the state and federal government into your parental rights and freedom of educational choice. Help us protect these rights and your right to homeschool your children, which are in great jeopardy, if Common Core advances in Missouri.

Speaking of free enterprise you, and your friends and family, have the opportunity to get a refresher course on what a free market is supposed to be. Loren Spicack, the Free Market Warrior, will be  at the Family Vision Library for a free, two night seminar on REAL free market principles that America was founded on, and what you should expect from elected in order to maintain and environment to sustain such.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect on Monday April 29th and 30th. This is also a great opportunity for homeschooled students to get exposure to conservative free market principles and how government works, or not, to maintain an atmosphere in which they can thrive.

The Free Market Warrior Economic Literacy Seminar

Learn what every American and Patriot MUST KNOW about Free Market Economics and how they REALLY affect the economy.

Most Politicians don’t even know this about our economy.

  1. Can you explain why some tax cuts (Bush’s second term, Obama’s proposed) do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy, while others (Reagan’s, Bush’s first term) provide a great stimulus?
  2. Were you taught in High School that the federal government needs to protect consumers from corporate monopolies that would otherwise be able to charge whatever they wanted?
  3. Were you taught that Roosevelt’s New Deal saved the country by intervening in the economy and “stimulating” demand?
  4. 4.     Did you know that the biggest problem with American healthcare (one that is financially hurting us all) is that there is far too much insurance coverage?
  5. Would you be surprised to learn that the economic theories espoused by the current administration and congressional leaders were conclusively disproved more than 100 years ago?

The seminar is given over two evenings and divided into four parts:

  • Intellectual and Historical Roots of Socialism: Understanding its broad appeal.
  • The Intellectual and Historical Roots of Capitalism: Why we’ll starve without it.
  • The Source of Value: Two contrasting views and their implications.
  • Applying the Principles of Freedom to the Problems of Today: Taxes, Education, Health Care, Protectionism and Outsourcing, Population, Natural Resources and many more.

This is a great opportunity for High School Students to get the real scoop on America’s Free Market Principles. Bring your teenagers! 

April 29th and 30th at the Family Vision Library – 6:30 to 10:00 pm

2020 Parkway Drive

St. Peters, Missouri 63376


 The event is free to the public, but offerings to the Family Vision Library and Loren Spivack are appreciated.

Contact Lisa Payne-Naeger at

or the Family Vision Library


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