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Time To Vet Candidates Who Support Educational Freedom, And Those Who Don’t

Missouri is a hot bed of anticipated educational reform. Not much different than the rest of the country, actually. Since the inception of the Obama administration and its trend to nationalize “everything,” Arne Duncan, his education secretary, has been instrumental … Continue reading

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Pajamas Media Reports On Homeschool Achievement

In an article in Pajamas Media, homeschool achievement on ACT scores are challenged by the Obama/Duncan education machine. Facts don’t lie. Homeschoolers are out performing their public schooled counterparts.

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Missouri Law Makers Introduce Even More Legislation To Restrict Educational Freedom

Missouri legislators are certainly earning their pay this year. While they aren’t going for the big power grab with one single piece of legislation, they certainly have peppered the session with lots of small attempts to chip away at your … Continue reading

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Call To Action For Illinois Homeschoolers

A bill is advancing (SB136) through the Illinois legislature that would require homeschoolers in that state to register with their department of education. Additionally, this bill would give Illinois DESE unlimited power to request any kind of information as part … Continue reading

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A Call To Action For Homeschoolers To Protect Their Educational Freedoms

If you are not familiar with how things are done in Jefferson City, with regard as to how legislation is formed, it is important to understand that even though January marks the beginning of the legislative session, work has been … Continue reading

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